Liquid Bridge is an Art & Culture co-op that brings together experienced and creative energies around a common project. That of creating a bridge between generations, places, art forms, narratives and audiences.Each of the activities Liquid Bridge creates, launches, supports or hosts, will consolidate this connection through gatherings, workshops, trainings, events, seminars, visits, shows or media content...

Our areas of action: Dance, movement, theatre, street arts, visual arts, Emcing, Djing, graffiti, circus, skateboarding, music, literature, beatbox, sports street art, poetry, slam, cinema, photography, digital art... everything that tells about the city and the urban from the inside.


- To initiate, enable and drive meetings and connections between communities, forms of Art, narratives...
- To create events, works and connections that remain natural and authentic, aiming to break down both real and imaginary barriers;
- To tell the artistic and cultural communities’ stories from within and offer a platform that is a safe space of expression;
- To document all our endeavors for them to become the archives of the future;
- To knock down the common social, psychological and structural barriers through our cultural programs;
- To train, hand down and support communities for an organically autonomous and profitable cultural landscape.


A brief overview in pictures of the Liquid Bridge universe and our various activities to date…


A brief overview in v ideos of the Liquid Bridge universe and our various activities to date…

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Tel.: +212.682.249.484.

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